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01-014 – ¿Qué hora es? – Telling time (part 1)

¡Hola a todos!  In this video, we’ll be learning how to answer the question ¿Qué hora es? Make sure to review your numbers 1-59 if you’re a little shaky on them!

Also, I hope you enjoy the graphics.  Sure, it’s nothing advanced, but I hope it makes it easier to learn for you! Enjoy!


Practice 1:

Practice 2:

Practice 3:

Click here to download sheet with questions to write on for Practice 3.

Hope this was helpful to you!  Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions below! 🙂

¿Qué hora es? – What time is it?
1:00 Es la una.
2:00 Son las dos.
3:00 Son las tres.
4:00 Son las cuatro.
5:00 Son las cinco.
6:00 Son las seis.
7:00 Son las siete.
8:00 Son las ocho.
9:00 Son las nueve.
10:00 Son las diez.
11:00 Son las once.
12:00 Son las doce.
Noon - Es el mediodía.
Midnight - Es la medianoche.

1:10 - es la una y diez
2:20 - son las dos y veinte 
4:35 - son las cuatro y treinta y cinco
7:40 – son las siete y cuarenta
10:55 - son las diez y cincuenta y cinco

9:15  Son las nueve y quince / cuarto
11:30 Son las once y treinta / media

de la mañana – in the morning
de la madrugada – in the early morning
de la tarde – in the afternoon, early evening
de la noche – in the evening, at night
2:00 PM - Son las dos de la tarde.
6:00 AM - Son las seis de la mañana.

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  1. I have tried a million different methods for learning Spanish and none of them seem to work! I recently discovered your videos and they are so simple and effective… Thank you so much!!!

  2. Hi, quick question – have just begun my “Learning Spanish” journey, and found your website (which is wonderful, btw). Was wondering, tho – in the video “Telling Time #2 (Practice)”, one of the clock faces shows 1:45 and this was translated as “es la una cuaranta y cinco”. Seems like all the others use “y” between the hour and minutes, is this peculiar to “es la una”?
    Gracias por tu ayuda!

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