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01 Comparisons (part 3) – Equality – Tan ____ como

Hola.  In this lesson, we’re continuing our series on comparisons.  So far we have learned how to compare things that are unequal both with regular forms and irregular forms.

But what about things that are practically the same in some aspect?

In this video, we’ll be going over a few more ways to compare equal things.


Leave any questions or comments below!

Or practice your own sentences with equal comparisons.

 General formulas for comparing in Spanish (click image to see larger version):

tan como graphic

01 irregular comparisons

Useful verb:

01 present tense - ser

sustantivos (nouns):
las clases – the classes
los deportes – the sports
nadie – no one, nobody
un maestro – a teacher

verbos (verbs):
ser – to be
(̩l) es Рhe is
(ellos) son – they are
tener – to have
   (yo) tengo __#__  años – I have __#__  years

alto – tall
bajo – short
bueno – good
bonito – pretty
contento – happy
delgado – thin
deportista – athletic
en – in, at
feo – ugly
gordo – fat
inteligente – smart
joven – young
malo – bad
serio – serious
triste – sad
viejo – old

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  1. Thanks for this lesson! I’m looking forward to the next lessons. I’m loving your site because it gives simple yet informative tutorials.

  2. Muchas gracias Señor Jordan por compartir información tan útil, no solo para los estudiantes pero para maestros nuevos también.

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