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01 Present Tense – Hacer

Hola.  In this video lesson we’re going to be talking about another incredibly useful verb in the present tense: hacer. Enjoy!

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Verb chart (click to see larger image):

present tense - hacer


verbos (verbs):
bailar – to dance
     (él / ella) baila – he / she dances
comer – to eat
     (tú) comes – you eat
comprar – to buy
    (él / ella)  compra – he / she buys
decir – to say; to tell
    (él / ella) dice – he / she says
dormir – to sleep
    (yo) duermo – I sleep
escuchar – to listen
     (yo) escucho – I listen [to]
estudiar – to study
     (ellos) estudian -they study
gritar – to yell
     (yo) grito – I yell
jugar – to play
     (ellos) juegan – they play
hacer ejercicio – to do exercise
hacer + [weather] – it’s ____.
     hace calor – it’s hot
     hace fresco – it’s cool
     hace frío – it’s cold
     hace viento – it’s windy
     hace sol – it’s sunny
     hace buen tiempo – it’s nice outside
     hace mal tiempo – it’s gross outside
mirar – to watch
     (yo) miro – I watch
nadar – to swim
     (ellos) nadan – they swim
preferir – to prefer
     (tú) prefieres – you prefer
saltar – to jump
     (yo) salto – I jump
tener – to have
     (tú) tienes – you have
sustantivos (nouns):
afuera – outside
algo – something
ahora – now
aquí – here
básquetbol – basketball
cumplea̱os Рbirthday
¿dónde? – where?
el campo – the country
el centro comercial – the mall
el examen – the test
el gimnasio – the gym
el hambre – the hunger
el mar – the sea
el parque – the park
el parque de diversiones – the amusement park
el pescado – the fish
el restaurante – the restaurant
el verano – the summer
la biblioteca – the library
la cama – the bed
la clase – the class
la escuela – the school
la fiesta – the party
la iglesia – the church
la m̼sica Рthe music
la piscina – the pool
la playa – the beach
la ropa – the clothes; the clothing
la sala – the living room
las chicas – the girls
las vacaciones – vacación
la tarea – the homework
la tele – the tv
los días – the days
los estudiantes – the students
los fines de semana – [on] the weekends
los pasteles – the cakes
los muchachos – the boys
ma̱ana Рtomorrow
matemáticas – math
nada – nothing
nunca – never
¿qué? – what?
¿quién? – who
un concierto – a concert
un picnic – a picnic
voleibol – volleyball
otro (other):
con – with
cuando – when
de – of, from
durante – during
en – in, on, at
mucho – a lot [of]
para – for
por aquí – around here
si – if
todos – all, every
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  1. Hello. This is an amazing site.

    Question: at 6:15 you have a question ‘Que haces aqui’. Where then do we use ‘por aqui’. Que haces por aqui?’ isnt correct?

  2. Que haces aqui would mean “what do you do here?”, meaning specifically at that place. Que haces por aqui is more like “what do you do around here?”.

  3. I really like this website. I have to do weekend Spanish homework, and these videos are really helpful. Thanks for doing them!

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