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02 Reflexive verb song!

Posted by Señor Jordan on Jan 31, 2015 in -AR, -ER, -IR, agreement, basic, conjugation, grammar, present, reflexives, verbs, year 2 |

Here’s a song to help you with understanding how to change reflexive verbs quickly and easily!

Leave any questions or comments below and feel free to sing along!


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Apr 9, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Your so good! Your lessons are so helpful. I have a private teacher and work at Spanish all day but still your videos are a mainstay of my studies. Buy the way, tried to donate though the Paypal link but it did not work. Any ideas?

Muchas Gracias me profesor!

May 11, 2015 at 2:16 pm

thank you for the videos. They are so interesting

Wendy Stuck
Nov 29, 2016 at 7:07 pm

Yet again, I use you as a support for my students. Gracias, gracias, gracias…

Dec 13, 2017 at 4:54 am

That reflective song is such a help!

Thanks for your hard work!



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