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02 Stressed Possessive Adjectives

Hola.  In this lesson, we’ll be learning how to use Stressed Possessive Adjectives and then practice them.  These are similar to Possessive Adjectives, but supposedly emphasize the ownership.

Explanation video:

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Practice 1:


Practice 2:


Practice 3:


Helpful Graphic (click to enlarge):
stressed possessive adjectives (website)


sustantivos (nouns):
el limón – the lemon
el perro – the dog
el refresco – the soda
la casa – the house
la familia – the family
la naranja – the orange
la novia – the girlfriend
las camisetas – the t-shirts
la tortuga – the turtle
los ba̱os Рthe bathrooms
los videojuegos – the video games

verbos (verbs):
bailar – to dance
cocinar – to cook
     cocina – s/he cooks / you cook (formal)
hablar – to speak
     hablan – they speak / you all speak
jugar – to play
     juega – s/he plays / you play (formal)
poder-  to be able
     puede – s/he can / you can (formal)
preferir – to prefer
     prefiero – I prefer
ser – to be
     es – s/he is / you are (formal
     son – they are / you all are

otro (other): 
asqueroso – disgusting / gross
bien – good / well
contigo – with you
de – of
gracioso(s)/graciosa(s) – funny / silly
muy – very / really
peque̱o/peque̱a Рsmall


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