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03 Negative tú commands

Hola.  In this video lesson, we’ll be talking about negative tú commands.  I would love to tell you that these are just like affirmative tú commands except for with a no before.  But I would be lying.

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Negative tú commands chart: (click image to see larger version)

negative tu commands summary

verbs (verbs):
abrazar – to hug
     (yo) abrazo – I hug
afeitarse – to shave one self
     ¡Aféitate! – Shave yourself!
bailar – to dance
     (yo) bailo – I dance
beber – to drink
     (yo) bebo – I drink
cepillarse – to brush one self
     ¡Cepíllate! – Brush your teeth!
comer – to eat
    (yo) como – I eat
conducir – to drive
    ¡Conduce! – Drive!
    (yo) conduzco – I drive
cortar – to cut
     (yo) corto – I cut
dar – to give
    ¡Da!  – Give!
decir – to say; to tell
     ¡Di! – Say!; Tell!
     (yo) digo – I say; I tell
distraer – to distract
     (yo) distraigo – I distract
dormir – to sleep
   ¡Duerme! – Sleep!
   (yo) duermo – I sleep
empezar – to begin
     (yo) empiezo – I begin
encender – to light
     ¡Enciende! – Light!
     (yo) enciendo – I light
enojarse – to get angry
     (yo) me enojo – I get angry
entrar [en] – to enter
     ¡Entra! – Enter!
escribir – to write
     (yo) escribo – I write
estar – to be
    está – he/she/it is
fumar – to smoke
     (yo) fumo – I smoke
golpear – to hit
     ¡Golpea! – Hit!
     (yo) golpeo – I hit
ir – to go
     ¡Ve! – Go!
jugar – to play
     ¡Juega! – Play!
     (yo) juego – I play
leer – to read
    ¡Lee! – Read!
    (yo) leo – I read
levantarse – to get up
     (yo) me levanto – I get up
llegar – to arrive
     (yo) llego – I arrive
llorar – to cry
     (yo) lloro – I cry
mandar – to send
     ¡Manda! – Send!
matar – to kill
     ¡Mata!  – Kill!
     (yo) mato – I kill
mirar – to look
     ¡Mira! – Look!
     (yo) miro – I look
molestar – to bother; annoy
     (yo) molesto – I bother; I annoy
oler – to smell
     ¡Huele! – Smell!
     (yo) huelo – I smell
pensar [en] – to think  [about]
    ¡Piensa! – Think!
    (yo) pienso – I think
poner – to put; to place; to set
     ¡Pon! – Put!
     (yo) pongo – I put
ponerse – to put on
     ¡Ponte __! – Put on __.
     (yo) me pongo ___ – I put on ___.
recordar – to remember
    (yo) recuerdo – I remember
robar – to steal
    ¡Roba! – Steal!
    (yo) robo – I steal
sacar – to take; to take out
     ¡Saca! – Take!;  Take out!
     (yo) saco – I take; I take out
salir – to leave
     (yo) salgo – I leave
ser – to be
     ¡Sé! – Be!
sonreír – to smile
     (yo) sonrío – I smile
subir – to raise
     ¡Sube! – Raise!
     (yo) subo – I raise
tocar – to touch; to play [instrument]
     ¡Toca! – Touch!; Play [instrument]!
     (yo) toco – I touch; I play [instrument]
tomar – to take
     ¡Toma! – Take!
     (yo) tomo – I take
tener – to have
     ¡Ten! – Have
     ¡Ten cuidado! – Be careful!
volver – to return
     (yo) vuelvo – I return

sustantivos (nouns):

el amigo – the friend
el béisbol – baseball
el baño – the bathroom
el brazo – the arm
el inodoro – the toilet
el libro – the book
el pelo – the hair
el perrito – the little dog; the puppy
el perro – the dog
el plato – the plate
el miedo – the fear
el niño – the boy
el oso – the bear
el sol – the sun
el volumen – the volume
la camioneta – the truck
la casa – the house
la chica – the girl
la clase – the class
la comida – the food
la dirección – the direction
la estufa – the stove
la guitarra – the guitar
la hermana – the sister
la leche – the milk
la mano – the hand
la pared – the wall
la pipa – the pipe
la radio – the radio
la respuesta – the answer
la sala – the living room
las cortinas – the curtains
las palabras – the words
la televisión – the tv
la tienda – the store
los dientes – the teeth
los dulces – candies; sweets
los estudiantes – the students
los zapatos – the shoes
los mensajes de texto – text messages
una foto – a photo
un compañero – a class mate
un machete – a machete

otro (other):

a – at; to
aquel – that (far)
caliente – hot
cuando – when
cuatro – four
con – with
de – of
debajo de – under
débil – weak
directamente – directly
en – in, on
ese – that
hacia – toward
malo / malas – bad
más – more
mucho – a lot
opuesto – opposite
otro(s) – other
triste – sad
todo(s) – all; every
tu(s) – your
uno – one
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Señor Arp
Apr 18, 2013 at 8:26 am

¡Qué fantástica esta lección! Mi clase de español 4 la vio ayer y les ayudó mucho.

Gracias por hacer estos videos para explicar estos asuntos.

Jan 13, 2016 at 6:42 am

I love your videos and I’m taking spanish 2 right now so This really helps with my classes. muchas gracias para hacer este blog. 🙂

Nov 19, 2017 at 5:38 pm

I’m taking Spanish 3E right now and these commands videos really helped

Jenna Bollinger
Feb 24, 2018 at 10:20 pm

Hola Señor Jordan! I love the infographics you have on the conman blogs. I’m a high school Spanish 1-3 teacher and commands decor is something I do not have. My students say it’s the one thing I’m missing. I would love to have these infographics made into poster from a local print shop or Staples, but I’m unsure about the copyright and/or proof of permission to use for educational purposes. Any help?! Gracias antemano!

Mar 26, 2019 at 1:48 pm

I have nothing bad to say about any of your lessons and I think they’re wonderful! I’m in 6th grade taking an online spanish class and I’m a gringo just like you so not only are you helping me, but you har giving me inspiration as well! ❤



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