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03 Nosotros Commands

¡Hola! So if you wanted to order around a group of people you’re with (including yourself), you would need nosotros commands.  If you’re not sure what that would sound like in English, it would be like saying, “Let’s [do something]!

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Practice 1:

Practice 2:

Practice 3:

Helpful Graphic (click to enlarge):



Verbos (verbs):
bailar – to dance
beber – to drink
buscar – to look for
cepillarse – to brush (one self)
comer – to eat
correr – to run
dar – to give
  dar de comer – to feed
despertarse – to wake up
escuchar – to listen (to)
leer – to read
gustar – to like
      te gusta – you like
ir – to go
lavarse – to wash (one self)
mirar – to look, to watch
perder – to lose
poner – to put, place
ser – to be
traer – to bring

Sustantivos (nouns);
el agua – the water
el centro – the downtown
el centro comercial – the mall
el champ̼ Рthe shampoo
el dinero – the money
el domingo – Sunday
el hermano – the brother
el microondas – the microwave
el restaurante – the restaurant
(el) ma̱ana Рtomorrow
la canción – the song
la fuente – the fountain
la mantequilla – the butter
la medianoche – midnight
las caras – the faces
las noticias – the news
las papas fritas – french fries
los dientes – the teeth
los osos – the bears
los pájaros – the birds
los tenedores – the forks

Otro (other):

a – to
al – to the
en – in, on, at
con – with
ese/esa – that
frío – cold
gordo – fat
hasta – until
menor – younger
paciente – patient
por – through
que – that
su – his/her/your (formal) / their / your (plural)
temprano – early
verde – green

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  1. Hola. Thank you for your amazing videos; I use many of them to teach! Is the infographic available for download (maybe in PDF format)?

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