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03 Present Subjunctive – W in WEIRDOS

As we continue talking about the present subjunctive, we find that there is a useful acronym: WEIRDOS, which can helps us remember many of the instances where we will need the present subjunctive.

In this lesson, we’re going to go over the W in WEIRDOS, which stands for Wishes, desires and imperatives.  So check out the video and practice afterwards to check your understanding!

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Explanation video:

Practice 1: (in context)

Miguel is trying his hand at online dating. See if you can figure out who he wants to go out with! (Follow Miguel in the rest of the series!)

Practice 2: 

Translate the sentences into Spanish.


verbos (verbs):
bailar – to dance
comer – to eat
comprar – to buy
cortar – to cut
desear – to desire, to wish
(yo) deseo – I desire / I wish
(nosotros) deseamos – we desire / we wish
escuchar – to listen to
esperar – to hope
(ella) espera – she hopes
(yo) espero – I hope
(nosotros) esperamos – we hope
estar – to be
hablar – to talk, to speak
hacer – to do, to make
hace calor – it is hot
hace frío – it is cold
ir – to go
irse – to leave, to go away
llegar – to arrive
necesitar – to need
(nosotros) necesitamos – we need
(ellos) necesitan – they need
(t̼) necesitas Рyou need
(yo) necesito – I need
preferir – to prefer
(usted) prefiere – you [formal] prefer
querer – to want
(yo) quiero – I want
(t̼) quieres Рyou want
quiere – he/she wants
(ellos/ellas) quieren – they want
saber – to know
ser – to be
(yo) soy – I am
tener – to have
visitar – to visit

sustantivos (nouns):
calor – heat
ella – she, her
el c̩sped Рthe grass
el cuarto – the room
el pastel de cumplea̱os Рthe birthday cake
el pollo – chicken
la fiesta – the party
la leche – the milk
la noche – the night
las cucarachas – the cockroaches
la tienda – the store
los padres – the parents
los pingüinos – the penguins
ma̱ana Рtomorrow
nosotros – us, we
un regalo – a present
un viaje – a trip
ustedes – you all
yo – I, me

otro (other):
a – to
buen – good
con – with
en – in, on, at
esta – this
mejor – better
nadie – no one, nobody
nuestro(s) – our
por – for, because of
sincero – sincere, honest
su – his/her/their
temprano – early
triste(s) – sad

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