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03 Usted Commands

¡Hola!  If you’ve wanted to boss someone around in Spanish but fear offending them with using the “tú” commands, then look no further!  In this lesson, we’ll be talking about how we form “usted” commands and also practice.

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Practice 1:

Practice 2:

Practice 3:

Helpful Graphic (click to enlarge):

usted commands (resized)


Vocabulario: (For Practice 1 & 2 videos)

Verbos (verbs):
bailar – to dance
buscar – to look for
– to sing
cepillarse – to brush oneself
comer – to eat
conducir – to drive
correr – to run
dar – to give
– to say, tell
dormirse – to fall asleep
escuchar – to listen (to)
hablar – to talk; speak
hacer – to do; to make
hacer una pregunta
– to ask a question
irse – to leave; to go away
jugar – to play
leer – to read
llorar – to cry
lavarse – to wash one self
leer – to read
llamar – to call
mirar – to watch
– to hit one self
pensar en
– to think about
ponerse – to put on
sacar – to take out
saltar – to jump
– to be
tocar – to play (instrument)
tocarse – to touch one self
tomar(se) – to take; to drink

Sustantivos (nouns);
el ejercicio – the exercise
el helado – ice cream
el ombligo – the belly button
el periódico – the newspaper
el tel̩fono Рthe phone
     por teléfono – on the phone
el tenis – tennis
la medicina
 – the medicine
la nariz – the nose
la m̼sica Рthe music
las manos – the hands
las maracas – the maracas
las pastillas – the pills
la televisión – tv
los dientes – the teeth
los ni̱os Рthe children
los pingüinos – penguins
una canción – a song
una gorra – a baseball cap
un amigo – a friend
un pez – a fish
un plátano – a banana
una vaca
– a cow
un libro – a book
un periódico – a newspaper
un pie – a foot

Otro (other):
ahora – now
dos – two
con – with
me – to me
para – for
por – by means of
solo – only
su – his, her, your (formal)

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  1. Hola Señor Jordan,

    Do you have your lesson on Ustedes on transcript. It is easier for me to carry around the lesson on paper so I can go over it any place I’m at.

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