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03 Ustedes Commands

¡Hola!  If you’ve wanted to boss around multiple people in Spanish, then the ustedes commands are the commands for you.  Notice that in Latin America, this will be the standard way to boss around more than one person.

In Spain, you might come across the vosotros commands more often, while ustedes commands could still be used.

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Practice 1:

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Practice 3:

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Helpful Graphic (click to enlarge):

ustedes commands graphic


Verbos (verbs):
buscar – to look for
comer – to eat
contar – to count
decir – to say; to tell
hablar – to talk; to speak
hacer – to make; to do
irse – to go away; to leave
jugar – to play
mirar – to see
oler – to smell
ponerse – to put on
reír – to laugh
sacar – to take out
ser – to be
 soy – I am
tomar – to take
volver – to return; to go back

Sustantivos (nouns);
el dinero – the money
la computadora – the computer
la fruta – the fruit
las flores – the flowers
los dientes – the teeth
los lentes – lenses; glasses
los ojos – the eyes
los videojuegos – the video games
nadie – no one, nobody
una foto – a photo; a picture
una hoja de papel – a piece of paper
una pistola – a pistol, a gun
una manzana – an apple
un árbol – a tree
un gato – a cat
una vaca – a cow
un cepillo para el pelo – a brush
un elefante – an elephant
un pollo – a chicken

Otro (other):
a – to
como – like, as
guapo – handsome
los dos – both
para abajo – down / downwards
para arriba – up  / upwards
pero – but
que – that
su – his/her

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