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03 Vosotros Commands

¡Hola!  If you find yourself in Spain and plan on bossing around multiple people, you might want to use the  vosotros commands. In this lesson, we’ll be talking about the vosotros commands.

Keep in mind that the ustedes commands are another way to order more than one person around.

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forming vosotros commands


Verbos (verbs):
beber – to drink
buscar – to look for
comer – to eat
correr – to run
cortar – to cut
dar – to give
dormirse – to go to sleep
hacer – to make; to do
irse – to go away; to leave
levantarse – to get up
llegar – to arrive
pedir – to ask for
ponerse – to get; to become
prestar – to lend, to loan
     prestar atención – to pay attention
sacar – to take out
sentirse – to feel
ser – to be
tener – to have
     tener cuidado – to be careful

Sustantivos (nouns):
el agua – the water
el c̩sped Рthe grass
el hermano – the brother
el internet – the internet
el sapo – the toad
la casa – the house
   en casa – at home
la grasa – the fat
la salida – the exit
las seis – 6:00
los amigos – the friends
un beso – a drink
un bolígrafo – a pen
un favor – a favor

Otro (other):
antes de – before
a tiempo – on time
como – like
en – at, in, on
feliz – happy
más – more
menos – less
pues – then
por – by
rápido – fast
temprano – early
trabajador(es) – hard-working
vuestro – your (pl)*

*used in Spain

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  1. Hi,

    First of all thanks for your resources.

    I just want let you know that there is a mistake in Vosotros negative commands for PENSAR. The correct way is NO PENSÉIS (same as subjunctive is PENSÉIS)

    Thanks again!

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