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“Arréglate Conmigo” con Ale (Spanish in Context)

Here’s a collaboration that has been in the works since May of this year.

I reached out to Alejandra from the Youtube channel Ale Pro Makeup 96 to make a video on getting ready for an occasion since she does a lot of makeup vids.

Here’s what she came up with.  You can see my reaction video to seeing hers here where I get ready for a tea party.

I made a guide to go along with the video for you to follow along if you would like (see below).

She speaks fast and has a lot of words she uses.  And some words are specialized.  Things I noticed a lot were: clothing words, colors, parts of the face, words for make-upyo form, future tense

Of course there are other phrases in the video as well!

Hope you like it!  And if you do, check out Ale’s youtube channel to practice Spanish in context!


Extra help:
If you’d like a helpful packet of activities to go along with the video and break it down, download it for FREE here!

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Asking for and Giving Directions (Spanish in Context)

Posted by Señor Jordan on Sep 5, 2016 in -AR, -ER, -IR, basic, basics, conjugation, culture, grammar, ir, misc, prepositions, present, random, verbs

Elena reached out to me sometime this past spring (2016) and wanted to interview me for her Spanish learning channel. It was then I found out about her talents and story.

I have seen her channel continue to grow and love her style of teaching. I asked her to help me with a video (since she’s a Native speaker) and I love that Spain accent! Here’s what she came up with!

In this video, she practices giving and getting directions in Spanish.

I hope it is one of many collaborations we can do in the future to help people learn!

Hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget to check out Elena’s channel on Youtube here and her website! And please let her know I sent you. Read more…

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03 Present Subjunctive – O in WEIRDOS

In this lesson, we’re going to go over the O in WEIRDOS, which stands for Ojalá. It’s an incredibly common expression in Spanish, which is rooted in the history of Spain!

So check out the video and practice afterwards to check your understanding!

Leave any questions or comments below!

*This video was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it and find it educational. In addition, I hope you enjoy the personal anecdotes that I have included as learning Spanish continues to be something very personal in my life! 😉

Explanation video:
History of Ojalá, Spain and moor! Err I meant more. Or did I?

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Spanish Greetings

Posted by Señor Jordan on Aug 2, 2015 in basic, basics, culture, present, random, year 1

Here is a video I made for Mundo Learning to use with their curriculum for high school students.  I think it turned out fun! It’s over some basic greetings in Spanish  Thankfully, I had a little help.

Teachers: Download the worksheet for this video from TPT!

Greetings used in the video: (click image to enlarge)
greetings & saludos Read more…

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02 Preterite Vs Imperfect SONG! (Cielito Lindo)

¡Hola! Someone commented on Twitter that it would be nice if there were a song helping with that pesky concept known as: Preterite Vs Imperfect.  As you probably know by now, they are both past tenses with different uses and meanings!  We cover those in this song!

It’s probably my most ambitious video yet!  Enjoy!

Please comment and/or say, “hola” below! Read more…

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01-033 Las verduras

Posted by Señor Jordan on Feb 24, 2009 in culture, vocabulary, year 1

This video lesson covers some common verduras (vegetables).  In addition, we also work with a few new phrases that you could easily use in an immersion setting.  If you dislike the drawings of las verduras, ¡Lo siento, yo no soy muy artístico! Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions below!

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01-034 Present Tense – Regular -ER verbs

Posted by Señor Jordan on Feb 2, 2009 in -ER, conjugation, culture, grammar, present, regular, year 1

Hola. This video lesson covers regular -ER verbs in the present tense.  We also learn a couple of new verbs along the way and get to practice some miscellaneous vocabulary.  If you haven’tThis video does reference the videos on regular -AR verbs, which you might watch before watching this video if you haven’t yet. Enjoy!

Feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions below!

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02 Neutral Demonstratives

Posted by Señor Jordan on Dec 30, 2008 in culture, grammar, year 2

This lesson is the last lesson (for now) on the demonstratives.  Those again are:
este / esta – this
estos / estas – these
ese / esa – that
esos / esas– those
aquel / aquella – that (far)
aquellos / aquellas – those (far)

Now, since these all deal with gender… which would you use when you didn’t know the object (much less the gender) of something that you’re talking about?  For that reason we have neutral demonstratives which take the place of the general ‘this’ or ‘that’.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions about this video lesson!

Also, this lesson mentions a Mexican television program.  For more on Chavo del Ocho, you might check this out.  To watch some clips, try this. Read more…

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¡Cultura! – La Navidad

Posted by Señor Jordan on Dec 25, 2008 in culture

La Navidad (or Christmas) is celebrated in many different ways depending on not only the country, but also the region. I am in no way an expert but I would love to travel to every Spanish-speaking country during holidays such as la Navidad to learn!  Below are some links that explain traditions in some places.

I did find some links that might be useful to you though… and for your enjoyment, here’s me singing ‘Feliz Navidad‘ originally sung by José Feliciano.

In English and Spanish:

In Spanish only:

José Feliciano is a prominent singer, songwriter, and guitar virtuoso from Puerto Rico. The most amazing thing about José Feliciano is that he is blind but plays guitar amazingly!

For more on José Feliciano,

Since the tradition varies depending on the country and regions in the country, the possibilities are endless!  But here are some links you can check out for more information!

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¡Cultura! – el día de los muertos

Posted by Señor Jordan on Nov 2, 2008 in culture

¡Hola!  Feliz día de los muertos.  It wouldn’t be fair to have all of the grammar that we’ve been going over and not have anything dealing with the rich culture of Spanish-speakers.  November 1st and November 2nd make an important occasion and although it might appear to on the surface, it has NOTHING to do with Halloween!

El día de los muertos, or ‘Day of the Dead’ is a day in which people are believed to return from the dead to visit their living relatives.  This tradition is celebrated differently from country to country and even different regions have their own celebration.

There are already some pretty good resources on this holiday.  Check them out! Read more…

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