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Storytelling series!

Hey everyone! I’ve been super busy working on various projects behind the scenes. But I wanted to do something for Youtube again. I decided to resurrect one of my favorite YouTube series: Cuentas Conmigo, where you can add in details as you watch and help me make a story.

Here’s the newest storyline!

I’m also making materials (see first episode’s for free) for teacher’s to download to offset the cost of production of the videos! I hope you can use them in your classes or to practice as you learn Spanish!

Present Tense:

Past Tense:

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  1. Hi,
    I am a Spanish teacher in NC. I never studied abroad except once because I did this late in life. I love your videos and I have been using them since 2008. I am still learning the ropes in CI and am glad you have included some things I can use since we are now textbook free in my county. You are awesome. I will pass this on to my CI friends.

    Rebecca Withrow

  2. Ay yo mr senor jordan, if that’s your REAL name! I just got in a voice call with a bunch of friends trying to figure out this spanish quiz (and no I promise we aren’t cheating we’re good boys don’t worry)

    But I have a serious question about a video you uploaded I think about like, ummm, maybe 8 years ago? I know. LOOOOONG time ago lol (btw congrats on almost having 200K subs on youtube lmk when you hit it so that we can go party maybe lol idk hahaha)

    But the video I’m talking about is episode one of learning spanish through twitter: yo, why is it unlisted? or private? idk but I can see it, neither can my friends and we’re really bummed out.

    Muy triste ;-;

    We’ve been watching you since 8th grade and now we’re seniors in high school trying to get by, especially during this current global pandemic

    I hope I hear from you soon.

    Mucho gracias!

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