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02 Ser vs Estar – Ser practice

Hola.  In this video, we’ll be practicing the verb ser (to be) in the present tense.

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Verb chart: (click graphic to enlarge)

01 present tense - ser


verbos (verbs):
querer – to want
     (tú) quieres – you want

sustantivos (nouns):
el coche – the car
el día – the day
el hermano – the brother
el perro – the dog
hoy – today
la familia – the family
la hermana – the sister
la llave – the key
las madres – the mothers
la tarde – the afternoon
los elefantes – the elephants
los papás – the parents
los ratones – the mice
lunes – Monday
¿quién? – who?
todos – everyone
un bombero – a firefighter
una maestra – a teacher
un veterinario – a veterinarian

otro (other):
alto – tall
atrevida – brave; daring
blanco – white
colombiana – Colombian
¿Cuál ___? – What ___ ?; Which ___?
¿Cuándo? – When?
de – of, from
delgado – thin
en – in
ese – that
espa̱ol РSpanish
grande(s) – big, large
inteligente – smart, intelligente
más – more
mi(s) – my
muy – very
o – or
paciente – patient
que – that; than
romántico – romantic
serio – serious
simpático – nice, kind
y – and

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  1. Thanks for your videos, they are excellent resources for reinforce the daily lesson. But every semester Spanish teachers begins with the spanish countries speaking, capitals and nationalities, I think can be a great idea if you create a video show us the spanish countries map, capitals and nationalities. My first quiz is always using the maps from spanish textbook. That can be great because they love you a lot. You can take some ideas from teacher you tube – spanish countries speaking. Thanks again you’re the best. And you spanish is excelent!!!!

  2. I’m in Spanish one at my school and my teacher loooovvves to show your videos and i think they really help thanks keep up the good work!!!!

  3. I’m new to your videos. Thanks they are very fun and helpful. Btw I am over fifty btw but want to improve my Spanish. After the ser video with the Doctor acronym it would be helpful to have the practice session remind which rule is being applied ie o for occupation. Thanks again.

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