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02 Ser vs Estar – Test 1

Hola.  In this video, we’ll be practicing the verbs ser (to be) and estar (to be) in the present tense a little more.  In this video you’ll be taking a test over using both.

To download the test before watching the video, click here.

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Verb charts:

01 present tense - ser

01 present tense - estar

General rules:

Ser vs Estar (both)


verbos (verbs):
beber – to drink
dormir – to sleep
haber – to be
     hay – there is/are
hacer – to do
estudiar – to study
estudiando – studying
jugar – to play
     jugando – playing
llover – to rain
     lloviendo – raining
poder – to be able
     puedo – I can
querer – to want
  quiere – s/he wants
saber – to know
    sabe – s/he knows

sustantivos (nouns):
dónde – where
el caf̩ Рthe coffee
el campo – the field, the countryside
el examen – the test
el f̼tbol Рsoccer
(el) jueves – Thursday
ellos – they; them
el papá – the dad, father
hoy – today
la ma̱ana Рthe morning
la nieve – the snow
la noche – the night
las cuatro – 4:00
lo – it (direct object)
los amigos – the friends
los guantes – the gloves
los hermanos – the brothers; the siblings
los juguetes – the toys
una chica – a girl
un mecánico – a mechanic
un policía – a policeman

otro (other):
aburrido/aburrida – boring; bored
alto – tall
bien – well, fine
cada – each, every
contento(s) – happy
de – of
en – in, at
flaco – skinny
frío – cold
gracias – thanks
importante – important
nada – nothing
nervioso – nervous
nunca – never
mi(s) – my
muy – very
para – for
pobre – poor
¿qué? – what?
rico – rich
simpático(s) – nice, kind
su(s) – his, her, their, your (formal), your (plural)
suficiente – enough
y – and
ya no – no longer, not anymore

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  1. Muchísimas gracias por sus videos. Son un excelente recurso didáctico. Además de que no necesito hablar mucho en clase, saludos, gsr

  2. Jeremy,

    The link to the worksheet with this video takes you to the worksheet of the previous video; they are the same. I doubt you meant to do this.

    Love your work! Wish you were my instructor.

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