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02 Ser vs Estar – Test 2

Hola.  In this video, we’ll be practicing the verbs ser (to be) and estar (to be) in the present tense a little more.  In this video you’ll be taking another test over using both.

To download the test before watching the video, click here.

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Verb charts:

01 present tense - ser

01 present tense - estar

General rules:

Ser vs Estar (both)


verbos (verbs):
decir – to say; to tell
   te dijo – s/he told you
llover – to rain
     lloviendo – raining
nevar – to snow
     nevando – snowing
trabajar – to work
     trabajando – working

sustantivos (nouns):
ahora – now
¿dónde? – where?
el cine – the movie theater
el coche – the car
el gato – the cat
el hermano – the brother
el hospital – the hospital
el mercado – the market
el primo – the cousin
el pueblo – the town
el restaurante – the restaurant
el sofá – the sofa; the couch
el suelo – the floor
(el) viernes – Friday
el volcán – the volcano
hoy – today
la cama – the bed
la camisa – the shirt
la casa – the house
la ciudad – the city
la clase – the class
la familia – the family
la noche – the night
la pistola – the pistol, gun
la puerta – the door
la silla – the chair
las ocho – 8:00
las personas – the people
las rayas – the lines
las siete y media – 7:30
la tele – the tv
los novios – boyfriend and girlfriend; significant others
los esposos – husband and wife
nadie – no one, nobody
plástico – plastic
una maestra – a teacher
un doctor – a doctor
un perro – a dog

otro (other):
aburrido(s) – boring; bored
activo – active
además – besides
al lado de – beside
azul – blue
blanco(s)/blanca(s) – white
bonito/bonita – pretty, beautiful
cansado(s) – tired
cerrado/cerrada – closed
chilenas – Chilean
con – with
de – of, from
debajo de – under
de vacaciones – on vacation
en – in, on, at
enamorado(s) – in love
enfermo – sick
enfrente de – in front of
este – this
feo – ugly
frío/fría – cold
interesante – interesting
mal – bad
mi(s) – my
muerto – dead
nervioso(s)/nerviosa(s) – nervous
no – no
nublado – cloudy
pero – but
pobre – poor
¿por qué? – why?
porque – because
que – that
roto/rota – broken
separado(s) – separated
si – if
sólo – only
su(s) – his, her, their, your (formal), your (plural)
todo/toda – all
trabajador – hard-working
triste(s) – sad
tu(s) – your
y – and
ya – already

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  1. ¡Hola! ¡Gracias por su ayuda! ¡Sus videos son geniales! Noté que usted había pegado el video malo (Test 1 en lugar de Test 2). ¡Saludos desde Polonia!

  2. I am just beginning intermediate Spanish. We are in the review stage and I appreciate the site for allowing me to practice because I have a quiz tomorrow.

  3. Where are the answers? I am on Windows 7 and when I tried to enter the answers on the practice, it wouldn’t allow it so I put my answers on paper.

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