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Spanish in Context – Súper Lápiz (episodio 1)

I am SOOO excited to finally be able to share this video with you all! A company approached me at a conference back in 2016 and asked me if I would be interested in making a series for them! It slowly developed over time and the hardest part is I love sharing whatever I make freely with the public. But of course, these videos are in their digital platform, Nuestra Historia. Even though I can’t (contractually) share every episode on my channel, I asked if I could AT LEAST share the very first one!

This video has been posted with permission.

So, I made this video years in 2017 for Voces Digital (and their Nuestra Historia curriculum) and I am quite proud of how it turned out considering I don’t have any background in animation!

It was my first real attempt at a completely animated episode using Comprehensible Input (and not just static images like el mono or cuentas conmigo). I’ve been told that it’s a very popular part of the level 1 Spanish curriculum and very comprehensible!

So, teachers, if you’re interested, check out the entire first season of Súper Lápiz, (episodes 1-6) in the Nuestra Historia curriculum: by clicking here to sign up for a trial.

And tell them Sr. Jordan sent you!

It’s quite possible season 2 will be coming soon!


included at the end of the video

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