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03 Forming the Present Subjunctive

¡Hola!  In this series, we’re going to be learning how to change most verbs into the Present Subjunctive and get a little bit of practice out of it!

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Explanation video:

Practice 1 video:

Get the worksheet mentioned in the video (click here).
*At 1:12 of the video, sacas should read “sacamos”.


Practice 2 video:

Practice 3 video:


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03 Vosotros Commands

¡Hola!  If you find yourself in Spain and plan on bossing around multiple people, you might want to use the  vosotros commands. In this lesson, we’ll be talking about the vosotros commands.

Keep in mind that the ustedes commands are another way to order more than one person around.

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Practice 1:

Practice 2:

Practice 3:

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