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02 Reflexive verb song!

Posted by Señor Jordan on Jan 31, 2015 in -AR, -ER, -IR, agreement, basic, conjugation, grammar, present, reflexives, verbs, year 2

Here’s a song to help you with understanding how to change reflexive verbs quickly and easily!

Leave any questions or comments below and feel free to sing along!


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03 Ustedes Commands

¡Hola!  If you’ve wanted to boss around multiple people in Spanish, then the ustedes commands are the commands for you.  Notice that in Latin America, this will be the standard way to boss around more than one person.

In Spain, you might come across the vosotros commands more often, while ustedes commands could still be used.

Leave any comments or questions below!



Practice 1:

Practice 2:

Practice 3:

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02 Reflexive Verbs (part 3) multiple verbs + -ing

Posted by Señor Jordan on Oct 4, 2008 in conjugation, grammar, year 2

Hola.  In this video lesson we continue learning about how to use reflexive verbs when they come after a verb in a sentence or when they are happening (right now) in the sentence.  It might not make sense if you read this, so go ahead and watch the video below!

Hope you found that helpful!  Feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions if you would be so kind!

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02 – Reflexive Verbs (part 2) Stem-changers

Posted by Señor Jordan on Sep 30, 2008 in conjugation, grammar, year 2

This video is a continuation of part 1 on reflexive verbs.  In this video, we also go over four new verbs that are reflexives dealing with the daily routine, but are also stem-changers (or ‘shoe verbs’).  The rule of stem-changers is reviewed in this video.

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02 – Reflexive verbs (part 1)

Posted by Señor Jordan on Sep 30, 2008 in conjugation, grammar, year 2

In this video lesson we’ll be going over verbos reflexivos, or ‘reflexive verbs’.  In this particular video, the reflexive verbs are those in which a person does the action to them self.  They are conjugated a little differently only because of the –se on the end.  This video lesson is a little more advanced.  Enjoy!

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below!  ¡Gracias!

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