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01064 – Present Tense – Decir

Posted by Señor Jordan on Jul 2, 2012 in -IR, conjugation, grammar, irregular yo form, present, stem-changers, verbs, year 1

Here’s another lesson about a verb that changes a little strangely in the present tense.  It’s a common verb though so we should probably go over it.  The verb is decir and it means “to say” or “to tell.”


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01 Present Tense: Regular -IR verbs

Posted by Señor Jordan on Feb 6, 2011 in -IR, conjugation, grammar, present, regular, verbs, year 1

¡Hola!  In this video lesson we’re going to be talking (finally!) about regular -IR verbs in the present tense.  We just say “regular” because all you have to worry about changing on these are the endings.  😉

It’s fairly simple.  You also might notice it’s almost exactly like regular -ER verbs when you change them.

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