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01 Present Tense – Querer (to want)

Posted by Señor Jordan on Aug 5, 2009 in -ER, conjugation, grammar, present, stem-changers, verbs, year 1

Hola.  In this video lesson, we’re going to cover the verb querer (to want).

Notice that in this video I only really discuss the verb meaning ‘to want’ but it could also be used as ‘to love’ with people and pets.

Juan quiere a sus padres. – Juan loves his parents.
Ellos quieren a sus gatos. – They love their cats.
(Yo) Te quiero. – I love you.

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02 Preterite – Irregulars – Querer

Posted by Señor Jordan on Jan 9, 2009 in conjugation, grammar, irregular, preterite, verbs

This video lesson covers another irregular verb in the preteritequerer (to want).  Although this verb normally is used as ‘want’ but when used with people, it can carry the idea of ‘love’ or ‘care about’.
Yo quiero un sándwich. I want a sandwich.
Yo quiero a mi madre. I love my mother.

In the preterite it will be ‘wanted’ or ‘loved’, but also carries another meaning that we’ll go over in a later video.


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